MATEF, a new brand in the machinery manufacturing industry, has demonstrated its success

MATEF Manufacturing Technologies, Metal-Sheet Metal Processing Machines, Laser- Automation-Robotic Systems, Welding and Surface Treatment Technologies, Machinery Equipment and Factor Equipment Fair opened its doors at Tüyap Fair and Congress Center on June 20, organized by Tüyap Tüm Fuarcılık Yapım A.Ş. in cooperation with the Turkish Machine Manufacturers Association (MIB).
MATEF Fair, the new rendezvous point for the local machine manufacturing industry, opened its doors for visitors. The exhibition, which was eagerly awaited by the sector, brought together the leading companies of the sector and professional visitors for four days and exhibited domestic production technologies and innovations. Sheet-metal processing machines, pipe-profile bending and processing machines, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines, presses, saws, machine tools and lathes, technical hardware and hand tools, conveyors, technology and software used for different processes of production and more were exhibited at the fair. Visitors had the opportunity to see and evaluate the latest developments and the most innovative technologies in the sector together.
A fair focusing on the export targets of the sector
MATEF Fair, which was organized with the intense interest of the domestic manufacturers of the machinery sector, made great contributions to the export targets for 2023 and added strength to the strength of the sector. Bringing together more than 6,000 professional visitors from 52 countries with the leading companies in the sector, MATEF Fair proved its success to the satisfaction of exhibitors and visitors. The fair attracted a large number of foreign visitors from various countries, especially Russia, the Balkans, Iran and Georgia, through the international buyer delegation organization with the support of the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Trade and Tüyap foreign offices. In addition, many countries, including Russia, Germany, Iran, Georgia, Bulgaria, Iraq, Israel, China, Egypt, Italy, and Germany visited the fair.
Türkiye's strength in the machinery sector was exhibited at this fair
The machinery sector, which has managed to become one of the key growth factors in the national economy by exporting to more than 200 countries, is rapidly increasing its potential with the growth performance it has achieved. In parallel with this positive momentum, the MATEF Fair, which offers important opportunities to access new markets, has become an important commercial platform where innovative technologies and advanced production processes are exhibited as well as domestic production machinery, which will pave the way for the establishment of strong national and international collaborations.
Especially the rapid growth in the Turkish machinery sector has increased interest in the fair in the international arena. Leading companies in the Turkish machinery sector exhibited their latest technologies and domestic production capabilities at this exhibition, demonstrating their competitiveness in the international market.
The successful export performance of the machinery sector clearly shows Türkiye's strength in this sector and its competitiveness in the global market. This growth and success also gave an important impetus to the MATEF Fair.