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Kayapa OSB Mavi Cad. No: 39, 16280 / Nilüfer / BURSA / TÜRKİYE
Contact Info: +90 224 441 7350
Hall: 8
Stand: 822
Product Groups
  • Sheet Metal Processing Machines
  • Forming Technology
  • Metal Processing Machines

ERBEND MAKİNE INNOVATIVE FOLDING TECHNOLOGIES ERBEND Makine, which is one of the few manufacturers in the world of folding machine models that bend metal sheets by folding method, includes automatic panel bending machines and guillotine shears in its product portfolio. Erbend Makine, which has 30 years of machine industry and experience, shows its difference and assertiveness in the sector with its aim of Innovative Bending Technologies and continues its activities in Bursa with its expert staff in its production facilities with a closed area of 5,000 m2. ERBEND Makine, which operates machines in more than 50 countries, among them the United States, Canada, Sweden, Germany, Russia and Australia, exports 95 percent of its production. ERBEND offers solutions to its customers for high quality production in many fields such as roof accessories , building facade cladding, professional kitchen equipment, heating - cooling - ventilation systems (HVAC), door - window bodies and frames, elevator and escalator systems, furniture and shelf systems. Erbend is preferred with its customer-oriented approach. Erbend Makine, which provides solutions according to needs with its special design capability, also provides on-site installation, training and after-sales technical support services to its customers and dealers with its technical service.

PBC 2315 Automatic Panel BenderAutomatic Panel Bender

It has a sheet-holding system. In ERFOLD CNC control system, each side bend is programmed individually and profile view of the side is shown on the screen after each bend is programmed. Each process type on the sides (normal bend,hemming,large radius etc.) is defined,and bending/process length is entered numerically. Application Areas Stainless furniture/trims Panels Metal architectural accessories and illumination covers Electrical cabinets and panels Professional kitchen equipments Machined and welded steel body frame

DUAL MFA 3230 CNC Servo Up-Down Sheet Metal Folding MachineCNC Servo Up-Down Sheet Metal Folding Machine

Modern production with innovative folding technology The ability to fold both up and down Pneumatic quick tool clamping system for rapid tool set-up Backgauge table with suction cups Real-time simulation with 22 screen movable control panel Fast, efficient, precise and safe production Folding solutions with various features from the easiest to the most complex parts More production in less time Solution for complex parts with a single operator Possibility to load large parts from the back with a U-table Adjustable back gauge for more flexibility

MFC 3125 CNC Motorized Sheet Metal Folding MachineCNC Motorized Sheet Metal Folding Machine

Ideal for all roofing applications. 180 mm opening height capacity on the upper beam. Eccentric upper beam power transmission system for rapid clamping/ unclamping. 10 and 25 mm wide single piece folding tools as 2 sets. ERFOLD BASIC CNC LBL Cnc control software on 15.6 touchscreen controller with swivel arm. 750 mm servo backgauge system with feather grooves. 0-150° folding angle. Manual folding beam adjustment. Front light barriers. Solid lower beam tool without channels.

EMS 3220 NC Motorized ShearsNC Motorized Shears

With our EMS model with variable cutting capacities, you can cut metal sheets of different thicknesses with high quality. EMS NC Motorized Shears which are easy to program and have maximum speed, are reliable, effective and economical. 750 mm NC motorized back gauge system. 2 sides usable upper and lower blades. Back light barriers and finger protection cover in front side. Sliding front sheet support arms. Shadow light and cutting line enlightment.

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