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Lupamat Compressor was established in 1968 to produce air compressors. Having operated in the compressed air industry for more than 55 years and being the pioneer of many innovations therein, Lupamat first started to manufacture reciprocating compressors in 1969. Having expanded its product portfolio in the following years, Lupamat continues to develop and grow with quality by manufacture screw compressors, oil-free reciprocating compressors, PET compressor, CO2 compressor, Booster, Scroll compressor, two-stage air compressors and Turbo compressors to its product range. By joining the Dirinler Family in 2000 and increasing its production quality thanks to its collaborations with other companies within the group, Lupamat is a company that provides world-class service in terms of targeted quality and customer satisfaction. Lupamat is a 55-year-old family business committed to continuing to innovate and develop their products in the compressed air industry.

Screw CompressorScrew Compressors

Lupamat Screw Compressors, with its innovative perspective, technology follow-up feature and R&D studies, provide maximum reliability and superior performance and offer solutions that will reduce the increasing energy costs to a minimum. Lupamat screw compressors, designed with the latest technologies, are manufactured from oil-injected, strong, reliable and high-quality materials. Screw compressors provide high performance and maximum efficiency with component designed for ease of maintenance. Lupamat screw compressors are widely used in all field of the industry and in all branches of the industry, with oil-injected, low-speed, receiver mounted, dryer integrated, compact model screw compressors. Our screw compressors are ideal for industrial applications where size, cost and efficiency are at the forefront.

Turbo CompressorTurbo Compressors

Lupamat compressor focuses advanced aerodynamics, dynamic design and control systems that ensure reliable compressed air delivery while minimizing energy and maintenance costs with its Turbo compressors. Lupamat Compressor s understanding of Turbo compressor is based on ease of installation, ease of use and ease of maintenance. It offers efficient and trouble-free performance even after years of hard use.

Reciprocating Air CompressorReciprocating Air Compressors

Lupamat reciprocating air compressors are high-performance, long-lasting compressors produced for industrial use, low-speed, containing an effective cooling and lubrication system, and using quality and suitable materials. With these features, Lupamat provides you with a truly problem-free operation as well as efficiency and economy.

Oil-free compressorOil-free compressors

Lupamat offers oil-free compressors special to every sector and application. It creates a difference in oil-free models thanks to its energy efficiency, low operating cost and long maintenance intervals as supported by the best warranty in its class.

Railway CompressorRailway Compressors

In rail systems, the components of a train include brakes, doors, and suspension systems. Without compressed air, a train would not be able to stop when it has to, open and close its doors or provide comfortable railway experiences for the passengers and the cargo. It is essential that the quality of the air provided by the compressors, which are deemed vital in trains, be dry, oil-free and free of particles for the smooth functioning of the system. Developed for rail systems in partnership with Lupamat-AnestIwata, oil-free scroll and oil-free reciprocating compressors deliver high-quality fresh air and offer ultra-silent noise levels with reliability in the most challenging environments with their compact sizes.

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