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Çalı Kavşağı Alaaddinbey Cad. No: 116 / Nilüfer / BURSA / TÜRKİYE
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Hall: 8
Stand: 812A
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Since then, having provided quality and reliable service especially to automotive industry, private / general machinery manufacturers and CNC machine users led us to a position of working with 35 employees in 2000m2 field. We provide project supported services to customers with our brand Kozanlı Covers® by manufacturing protection systems for sensitive linear motion systems to keep them protected from metal shavings, dust, coolant etc. The service we had provided to our customers until mid-2015 with the global brand INA, has been continuing since then with another global brand Schneeberger.

Telescopic Steel CoversProtection Cover Systems

Kozanlı engineering has been designing and manufacturing telescopic steel covers for all kinds of guideways since 2004. During this time more than 3000 telescopic steel cover systems have been designed and produced in various types. Kozanlı Telescopic steel covers specifications: Convenient technical solutions Functional reliabilitiy Durability Protection aganist corrosion Tested standart components High-grade steel sheet

BellowsProtection Cover Systems

With his strong and experienced R & D design team succeeded in producing bellows gland s European Standards Cloth Bellows, the CNC linear motion systems from external factors (dust, coolant, chip-shaped dust, temperature) are used for protection. Depending on the environment to be protected may be of varying sizes and form. Identify fabric is determined by the environment in which it works.

Apron CoversProtection Cover Systems

Aluminum track guards are used to prevent damage from the impact of particles such as machinery and sawdust.

Type RollProtection Cover Systems

Open type and closed type can be applied. These systems are employed in a compact space. At low speeds of 10 m. opened. Ball bearing bushings protection tape is wound on the shaft. The guard bands may be steel or special technical fabrics. Self-closing metal scrapers on the rolls kept a blog entry cleans the tape surface

SCHNEEBERGER Linear SystemsLinear Systems

reasons to love the new SCHNEEBERGER MONORAIL MR 4S series: An optimized lubrication system, ease of maintenance, shock resistant, and dirt repellent. Serviceability compatibility, exchange of cross wipers Supply of lubricant pressure-tight lubrication channels Shock resistance body optimized for rigidity Sturdiness robust and well-secured front plates

SCHNEEBERGER Helical RackLinear Systems

Gear racks are an economic drive element, especially with long strokes of more than 2 m. Gear racks are preferred also with dirty environments and/or big axial forces. The stiffness is the same over the whole length.

LMT Rail and CarriagesLinear Systems

LMT Marka lineer klavuzlama sistemleri dört sıralı bilya sirkülasyonlu 15 likten 45 lik seriye kadar LCB-LCS-LCH-LCBL-LCHL (Standart, dar, yüksek, uzun, dar uzun) araba serileri ile LC raylardan meydana gelir. Sistemde bilyaların X dizilimi sayesinde her yönden eşit yüklenebilir ve tüm eksenlerdeki momentleri karşılar. Ayrıca dağılmayan bilya yapısı ile kolay sökülüp takılması montaj kolaylığı sağlamaktadır.

LMT Ball Screw and NutsLinear Systems

LMT brand rolled ball screws are available in series with various diameters and pitches. single nut, double creates alternative solutions such as nut, cylindrical nut. LMT ball screw and nuts They have a sensitivity of 0.070/300mm.

LMT Edge Support UnitsLinear Systems

LMT brand end bearings consist of fixed and movable bearings. For bearing ball screws used. End bearings are used to keep the screw shafts fixed in the axis of motion. General in practice, the motor side fixed bearing is at the other end to tolerate axial elongations in the shaft. moving bed is used

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